Looking for a smart, lean and intelligente solution for your manufacturing 

Why you choose us for your next project!

We are team of profesionals with high level of expirience in engineering and management of 500+ heads manufacturing sites supported with young educated people.

  • Expert Professional Engineers
  • Expirience in Senior Management positions in 500+ heads company
  • Fully Satisfaction Guarantee
  • High performance
  • Budget & Timeschedule are important

Smart and inteligent technology

We build machines, automize processes in manufacturing, using Siemens components and most recent developments in electronics industry

Artificial inteligence and machine learning

We build high level of inteligence into our systems using machine learning and artificial inteligence with highest level of digitalization following Industry 4.0. standards

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Lean manufacturing

Key to succes of any organisation is to be able to recognize waste in their processes and to be able eficintly remove or reduce waste impact into their end result


There are few tools which are usefull to be able to reduce waste in your processes. Knowing them and implementing them is going to boost your productivity and efficiency

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We build cusomized machine using both mechanical and electronics engineering expertize expecialy in glass manufactoring industry. 

Hardware, software, mechanics

By choosing us as a partnet you get it all in one place. From engineering through execution to comissioning..

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Customer service

We provide services word wide and are available 24/7 in different parts of the world.

When problem arasises

When on tight schedule and you need solution yesterday, get in contact with us, we might help you.

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Information about what we do

We are solution for you productivity and profitability increase using Lean manufacturing systems, automation and artificial inteligence supported by machine learning.

We understand how it is working up to budget and working up to time schedule

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